Lowcountry History at Your Library

Dr. Nic Butler, Ph.D. (photo from charlestontimemachine.org)

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

Charleston is a city of a thousand stories. Knowing where to start learning its history can be a daunting prospect. Thankfully, the Daniel Island Library has a solution. Dr. Nic Butler, Ph.D., will present his lecture “Ten Things Everyone Should Know about Lowcountry History” at the library on Oct 5th at 1 pm. After this listening to this lecture, keeping up with the tour guides won’t be so hard.

Butler is the archivist and historian for the Charleston County Library System (CCPL). He is an author, a frequent lecturer, and the radio show host of the “Charleston Time Machine.” Before he worked for CCPL, he attended the University of South Carolina and completed a PH.D. in musicology at Indiana University. He went on to become an archivist of the South Carolina Historical Society, an adjunct faculty member for College of Charleston, and a historical consultant for the City of Charleston.

When asked why he developed an interest in history, Butler explained. “I became a historian sort of accidentally. I used to be a musician and became fascinated with how music, instruments, and musical tastes evolved over the centuries. That interest led me down a path of studying the role of music in society, especially in early South Carolina, and that work led me to a fascination with early South Carolina in general. A good historian is a good storyteller,” he said, “and the Lowcountry has an endless supply of interesting stories that need to be told.”

CharlestonTimeMachine.org describes Butler as an “interdisciplinary historian with an infectious enthusiasm for Charleston’s colorful past.” Come join the community on the Daniel Island Library to learn more about the historical city.

BlueChoice® HealthPlan Partnership with BCLS

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

At the Berkeley County Library System (BCLS), we believe in enriching the lives of the people in our surrounding community. BlueChoice® HealthPlan of South Carolina has a similar mission: to provide affordable health care options to South Carolinians. In the end, both organizations arrive at a related purpose: improving the lives of our customers and meeting their needs with specialized services. That’s why we’re excited to partner with BlueChoice® HealthPlan for a family event, “Trunk or Treat with Love”, on Saturday, October 21st, from 4-6 pm.

BlueChoice® HealthPlan knows how to combine fun and education. Visitors to the event will receive free giveaways, healthy snacks, and health screenings. Literature in both English and Spanish will be available. Kids and adults can enjoy the Interactive Activity Zone, featuring an activity table and oversize games. And don’t forget the face painting, bead making, and storytelling!

This event will be held at the Moncks Corner Library, next to the Berkeley County Administration Building. Whether visitors are looking for health advice, medical information, or a fun family activity, they’ll find it at “Trunk or Treat with Love.”


Making New Friends and Friendships

Dr. Maureen McNichols, licensed counselor and Daniel Island resident
(Image from therapists.psychologytoday.com)

A tightly knit circle of friends plays a significant role in creating happy, healthy, and more fulfilling lives as we age. But hectic schedules, frequent moves and a variety of life changes can make it difficult to make new ties. Join Maureen McNichols, a licensed counselor and Daniel island resident, to learn how you can meet new people and create lasting friendships. This program, “Making New Friends and Friendships”, takes place on Monday, October 2nd at 1:30 pm at the Daniel Island Library.

McNicholas has over 10 years of experience of helping couples, families, and individuals work through hard situations. After graduation from National Louis University, she worked as a therapist, counselor, and school psychologist. Her most recent experiences include working as a psychotherapist for the Awakening Center and also Personal Growth Associates. But more importantly, McNicholas has dealt personally with the struggle of making new friends in different seasons of life. At the Daniel Island Library, she will share her advice on how to succeed in this area.

At the Berkeley County Library System, we’re all about building community and bringing people together through programs and common interests. Knitters and adult coloring participants have shared how they have found friendships in unexpected places through library groups. Those bonds brought them through hard times in life. Through McNichols, attendees can learn how to find those ties. And through the programs at your local library, you’ll find ways to practice her advice and thrive.

Upcoming Program: Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum

Everything around us tells a story. The building we live in, the places we go, the clothing we wear, what our household goods are made of. Looking in the past, the lives of others are told in the same way. The Daniel Island Library is excited to partner with the Charleston Museum to bring you “Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum.” You won’t want to miss this virtual viewing on September 20th from 1-2 pm.

Jan Hiester, the Curator of Textiles at the Charleston Museum, will be leading the tour. Attendees will see pictures of different objects from the textile collection, where each product came from, and how each object played into Lowcountry History. A quilt might have ties to a community of women during the 18th century. A shoe might illustrate changing fashions and social climate during the 19th century. Through this talk, objects become tools to tell a narrative.

This is the first of the programs that the Charleston Museum will bring to the Daniel Island Library. Don’t forget to check our website for “Manners Most Morbid: Funerary Practices and Traditions of Charleston’s Past” on October 25th.

Upcoming Charleston Museum Programs

Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum | Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 1 – 2 pm | Daniel Island Library
Manners Most Morbid: Funerary Practices & Traditions of Charleston’s Past | Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 1 – 3 pm | Daniel Island Library

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

Constitution Day @ Your Library

Gene and Mr Retz_constitution game

Berkeley County Library Director Gene Brunson with Mr. James Retz, Library Board Member who generously donated The Constitution Quest game for every library branch.

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

During the summer of 1787, in a stuffy hall in Philadelphia, fifty-five men wrote, argued, discussed, and compiled the Constitution of the United States of America. On September 17th, 1787, thirty-nine delegates signed the document. One of these signers was Charleston’s own Charles Pinckney, one of the founding fathers. But why does a document from over two-hundred years ago matter to us today? It’s more important than knowing the answer to a Jeopardy question.

The Constitution defines the powers of each branch of the federal government – executive, judicial, and legislative. By designing a system of checks and balances for each, the founding fathers established a balance of power between the government and its citizens. By learning about the Constitution, Americans can know the laws that keep their personal freedoms in place.


So how can you learn about what’s in the Constitution? Mr. Jim Retz, a Berkeley County Library Board Member, donated several copies of the board game “The Constitution Quest” to the library system. This game is designed for teens and adults – perfect for preparing for the questions to that history test or simply learning for the sake of learning! You can stop by any Berkeley County Library System branch on Saturday, Sept. 16th, to try your hand at the trivia. These games may be available to check out and take home to play with friends and family, be sure to ask your library branch if their game is set up to “checkout.”

While you’re there, browse the stacks for resources for all ages about the founding of our country. If you’re on the go or can’t make into a branch, check out our great e-resources! Wherever you are, your library is available to help you make the most of Constitution Day 2017.


Library Closing: All Material Due Dates Extended to Sept. 18th

Attention: Berkeley County officials have decided to close all offices beginning Friday, Sept. 8th through Monday, Sept. 11th, in preparation of Hurricane Irma.


In the interest of safety for our customers, during the week of 9/11 – 9/16: No items are due; No overdue fines; All items due during this time will have a new due date of 9/18. We also kindly request that you not put your items in the book drops outside the library during this time of severe weather.


While we are closed, the library will also offer access to our wireless networks in an effort to help those in need of connecting to news or their loved ones. BCLS will set up a special SSID that will not require a password.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all next week. 


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