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Serving all of Berkeley County!

Serving all of Berkeley County!

Our Mission

Our Vision

A literate, informed, engaged and enriched citizenry.

Our Mission

The Berkeley County Library System enriches lives by informing, inspiring and illuminating.


Inform. Inspire. Illuminate.


Information. Inspiration. Illumination.

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Our Core Values

TeamworkCooperating together to achieve our mission, support each person’s contribution to the success of the team, valuing innovation, creativity and flexibility.

Integrity: Being consistently truthful, ethical, and honest in all our personal, professional and business relationships.

Customer Service: Seeking ways to remove obstacles to the delivery of library services and resources. Respecting and supporting the diversity of people and opinions.

Advocacy: Establishing & enhancing collaborations with groups, organizations, and individuals to promote reading, literacy, and learning.

Lifelong Learning: Providing learning services and resources for all within the library and the community.Adopted by the Berkeley County Library System Board December 17, 2013

Library Board


If you are interested in volunteering in one of our library branches or for a specific department. All volunteers must complete an application, 18+ years old are screened by Berkeley County. BCLS volunteers help to shelve books, set up exhibits, resurface CDs and DVDs, mend books, and more. If you are interested in volunteering in our digitalization department, here are the open volunteer descriptions.


Berkeley County Government WebsiteAll Berkeley County Library System job openings are posted by Berkeley County Government’s Human Resources Department on their Current Job Openings.

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