Rural Library Continues to Make Huge Impact on Community

Rural Library Continues to Make Huge Impact on Community

It is no secret that libraries often serve as the community centers for small towns and larger cities. Our St. Stephen Library has been working hard to engage residents of all ages through creative

Members of the St. Stephen Magistrate Court

programming and strategic outreach. We are excited that their hard work is paying off and getting noticed. Members of the St. Stephen Magistrate Court, which shares a building with the St. Stephen Library, comment, “We see the impact that the library has on our community every day. Lately, the library has been bringing in teens by the droves, and often in the mornings, there are people waiting by the door for the library to open. Judge Whaley (middle) says: Tina’s name is well known at St. Stephen Middle School because her niece often speaks of her and hears other kids speaking well of her.

The library has been great about sharing the multipurpose room and many of our customers use library facilities and resources before or after court. I love the cooperation and collaboration that we have with the library. Tina is an awesome partner – warm and inviting,

“Downton Abbey Style” High Tea program draws 26 people

and I doubt that our partnership would work without her. Earl (far right) says: The level of community involvement and outreach from the library is outstanding – I have eaten things there that I never thought I would eat, and the library is responsible for exposing me and the community to new and different things.”


The St. Stephen Library has been offering fun and educational programs every week attracting dozens of loyal attendees who cannot stop raving about what is coming next. Last month the library hosted a “Downton Abbey Style” High Tea drawing over 25 ladies and 1 lord who were able to sample different teas and delicacies commonly found in British high tea and participated in a Downton Abbey game of trivia. One attendee remarked that she believed that this was the closest she would ever get to England.  Mr. Hill from the Magistrate’s said that from now on, he wished to be addressed as “Lord Walter,” which is how his nameplate read.  He took both the nameplate and the menu home and framed it.


“They Make Sure We’re Involved” One Customer Explains Why She Now Comes to the Library More

Library customer Katisha White is now coming into the library more for programs with her 12 yr old son.

The Library has attracted new customers and re-engaged casual library users to increase their library usage. Here how one customer explains why she is a super fan of the library now and has everyone asking her about it. “Hello, my name is Katisha White and I am a resident of Pineville.  I have a 12-year-old son that I have always brought to the library from time to time.  Lately, though, I find that we are coming to the St. Stephen Library more often throughout the week and month.  There is always something interesting going on here, and they do fun family events and craft making – I learn a lot by being a regular library visitor.  I love the staff here; they are so loving and fun, especially Ms. Tina.  They’re like family to me and my son, giving me life lessons, recipes, and great advice to live by.  Our friends and family are almost concerned that we come here so much, asking: “Hey, what exactly is going on at that library anyway?  Why are you there so much?”  We are even on the reminder list so that whenever there is something happening, they make sure we’re involved.  St. Stephen Library is a cool, interesting library: I love everything about it, and I can’t wait for the future activities they have planned.”

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