Read....Learn....Have Fun!

Read....Learn....Have Fun!

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Kids Products

  • Vox Books
    Audio-enabled readers are the world’s first audio book that lives in print books. The permanently-attached VOX reader transforms a print book into an all-in-one read-along. Computers, tablets or CDs are not needed. Children push a button to listen and read!
  • Launchpad Tablets
    Pre-loaded with kids content and designed with an easy-to-use interface and 100 percent secure. No download time. No WiFI needed. Access to powerful content is possible by turning on each device anytime or anywhere.
  • Launchpad Videos
    Includes a robust collection of kids learning videos, movies and TV shows. Like all tablets in the Launchpad family, Launchpad Videos bridge the digital divide and give equal access to customers with or without using a mobile device or access to WiFi.
  • Book Bundles
    Book Bundles are 3-5 books grouped together by format, topic or genre. The bundle allows families to library time efficiently. Book bundles provide five new picture books (or other formats/topics) all at once.

Special Events

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