Library Like a Family

We Are A Family

Here at BCLS we often think of our staff and employees as a family but we love to know our customers see us in the same light. BCLS is family! 

“Where do I begin? Simply put, this lottery of kind people who work at the St. Stephen Library are amazing, and so are the people who come and go. As I am in here every day, I always know they’ve returned. This library has been there for me in tough times. When I was browsing the web, or picking out a good read, often I was always going through so much. But I walk in here and I see family. I’ve found friendships. The library’s love filled the gaps whenever I was down or struggling with something in my life.

I walk in and get smiles all around. Someday, I plan to get kissed by my girlfriend underneath the stars at a Movie Under the Stars. Holidays here are just amazing, so much fun! The things I’ve learned here at this library are simple: stay uplifted, stay knowledgeable, and spread the love. Thank you to all the workers here, and thank you, my library, for holding all of us together.”

~ Christian Q