LEGO Days at Sangaree and Hanahan Libraries

LEGO Day at Hanahan Library

[3/23/17] Hanahan, Sangaree Libraries – The immensely popular LEGO® Day programs are returning to the library system through a partnership with Lowcountry LUG.

Remember those LEGO blocks you played with when you were a kid? Generations of children have spent afternoons building castles, ninja hideouts, space stations and more. The LEGO Company has continued to grow – but the principle remains the same. Those little blocks allow a kid’s imagination to soar. Often, LEGOs bring people together as they create and build as a group. At the Berkeley County Library System (BCLS), we believe in the power of activities like LEGOs to build community. That’s why this spring, our Sangaree and Hanahan branches are hosting LEGO days. You’re invited. And so is your neighborhood.

This isn’t the first LEGO Day our libraries have had. In fact, Hanahan hosted a LEGO program that brought in over 130 participants last winter! To make this dream possible, BCLS teamed up with Lowcountry LUG (LEGO User Group). Bradley Scrio, the president of Lowcountry LUG, explained how the company came to be.

“Lowcountry LUG was started two years ago with a passion for LEGO and desire to share that passion with a younger audience through shows/exhibitions [and] build meetups,” Scrio said. “It started out as just myself trying to find other AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) in the area. We have since grown and added other AFOLs with the same passion as myself. While we are still a small group with just over 20 likes on our Facebook page, some of our displays and MOCs (My Own Creation) have been shared internationally.”

LEGO Days aren’t the first community outreach Lowcountry LUG has participated in. They’ve worked with Cane Bay Elementary as well. The group also constructed a mosaic of Cane Bay’s Cobra logo and donated the 7,000+ piece creation to the school. Another day, Lowcountry LUG brought LEGOs to an art class at Cane Bay and let the students build their own creations. And at “Cane Bay Creates” in March, Lowcountry LUG was once again in attendance to inspire the kids with and showcase beautifully constructed builds.

This spring, BCLS is excited to bring their partnership with Lowcountry LUG back. At each LEGO Day event, people of all ages are invited to view amazingly constructed LEGO models by Bradley Scrio and other LEGO Master Builders. There will also be large amount of LEGOs and mini figures for everyone to build with.

Hanahan will hold their event on April 8th from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

Sangaree Library will hold their program on May 20th from 10 am to 12 noon.

Bring your neighbor, bring your family, or just bring yourself. Your local library is a place where you can create, innovate, and make your ideas into reality. We’ll see you there!

Search our new calendar with tag “lego” for all the LEGO events at BCLS. The Moncks Corner Library offers LEGO Mania one Saturday every month. The St. Stephen Library will offer a Family LEGO day and Hanahan offers a LEGO program every 4th Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Tons of fun, tons of ways to play!


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(Images Courtesy of Lowcountry LUG)