#WhateverCon 2017

On a special day in August, the Goose Creek Library will open its doors to anime buffs, superheroes, Pokémon trainers, Minecraft experts, space adventurers, and other masters of fandom. This event will feature panels, creative cosplay, and board and Teen dressed as Pokemon trainer posing for the cameravideo game challenges along with free food and giveaways – all in one place for teens. It’s the library’s fourth annual WhateverCon and it’s coming to Goose Creek Library on August 27th at 2 pm.

With comic conventions on the rise, public libraries have begun to embrace these special “cons” to provide a place where library customers could come and geek out with those of a similar interests. When the Berkeley County Library System began to look for a fun and engaging way to kick off­ the return of their Teen Anime Club after the summer hiatus, the young adult librarian and staff­ members involved in the planning knew that an after-hours “Con” was the direction to go.

Fast-forward three years later. The fourth Annual WhateverCon, open to 6th – 12th graders, is happening again. Online registration opens on July 27th. What are you waiting for? Get your geek on at your local library!

Register here!