Written by Kristen Lanier, BCLS Marketing and PR Coordinator

In honor of Thanksgiving and inspired by a blog on Bookish titled, 8 Authors on the Book They Are Most Thankful For, the staff at BCLS wanted to chime in on some of the books, stories or shows that have made an impact on their lives for which they are most thankful.

Cherish by Gary Thomas

Cherish by Gary Thomas is [a book] I just read and didn’t want to let go. This was so odd. My later Grandmother always spoke of that word – cherish – when I was younger. This was dealing with marriage/relationships. To now have a book that puts into place everything she was talking about. I truly understand where she was coming from. I have considered making a purchase of this book.  – Arnette

The Eye of the World (World of Time series, book 1) by Robert Jordan (Charleston author)

I started reading the Wheel of Time series in middle school, and they were some of the first adult books I can remember reading. They are high fantasy, and I hadn’t really read anything like them before. After devouring as many of the books in the series that were published up to that point, my world was opened to a whole new genre and I discovered classics like The Lord of the Rings because of a newfound interest in epic fantasy. That led to a love of historical fiction, and a newer interest in YA fantasy. In a lot of ways, it has shaped my reading habits through my teenage years and into adulthood. – Courtney

Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

A book that has dramatically changed and influenced my life is Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. I love this book so much because it beautifully captures the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor and martyr during WWII who took a stand against Hitler’s propaganda and stood up for the Jews. I am thankful for this book because it shows what courage, selflessness, and dedication to the Lord looks like in a person. – Ashley

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeliene L’Engle

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeliene L’Engle is my favorite book of all time. I’m thankful for her blending of science and fiction. I’m thankful that she persevered and didn’t give up on her dream of getting it published. I just love the main characters because they’re human, with flaws out there for all to see, and yet they’re still heroes. Anytime I’m feeling down and so ordinary, I read this book and it just lifts my soul. – Katie 

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

I’m thankful for Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. This book was helpful in a way few books have been to my life. It helped put to words to feelings I couldn’t express. It deals with mental illness in a way that makes it easier for those around me to understand a little more about me and for me to understand a little more about myself. – Chase

Mr. Robot

I am thankful for the TV Series, Mr. Robot. Every episode of the suspenseful psychological thriller keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is filled with conspiracies, corruption and not to mention hackers! It is a very smart show that will keep you guessing season after season.    – Sinteara

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

The book that I am most thankful for is “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. The story is based on the book of the Bible, Hosea, where Hosea is commanded to marry a woman “of not so polite standards”, Gomer. In “Redeeming Love”, Michael Hosea is commanded by God to marry Angel, whose occupation is prostitution. They struggle to live together and struggle even more to love each other, but towards the end of the book, they fall in love with each other and fall in love with God. This book is one of my favorites because it has many lessons that women and men alike can learn from, such as beauty, pride, love, and God’s purpose in our lives. I highly recommend this book because even though it deals with a hard subject of prostitution, it mainly focuses on how you may not understand why things are happening in your life, but if you trust God and trust His plan for you, everything will work out in the end.  – Tharin

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

The book I am thankful for is Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” because it gave me insight into how men think.  While dating, I’ve carried his advice that a man who cares for you will “profess, protect, and provide” in the back of my mind to evaluate a relationship.  It’s been helpful to me, and I’d recommend it to any single woman out there “in the trenches!” – Sharene