Upcoming Program: Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum

Everything around us tells a story. The building we live in, the places we go, the clothing we wear, what our household goods are made of. Looking in the past, the lives of others are told in the same way. The Daniel Island Library is excited to partner with the Charleston Museum to bring you “Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum.” You won’t want to miss this virtual viewing on September 20th from 1-2 pm.

Jan Hiester, the Curator of Textiles at the Charleston Museum, will be leading the tour. Attendees will see pictures of different objects from the textile collection, where each product came from, and how each object played into Lowcountry History. A quilt might have ties to a community of women during the 18th century. A shoe might illustrate changing fashions and social climate during the 19th century. Through this talk, objects become tools to tell a narrative.

This is the first of the programs that the Charleston Museum will bring to the Daniel Island Library. Don’t forget to check our website for “Manners Most Morbid: Funerary Practices and Traditions of Charleston’s Past” on October 25th.

Upcoming Charleston Museum Programs

Historic Textiles of the Charleston Museum | Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 1 – 2 pm | Daniel Island Library
Manners Most Morbid: Funerary Practices & Traditions of Charleston’s Past | Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 1 – 3 pm | Daniel Island Library

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern