Constitution Day @ Your Library

Gene and Mr Retz_constitution game

Berkeley County Library Director Gene Brunson with Mr. James Retz, Library Board Member who generously donated The Constitution Quest game for every library branch.

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

During the summer of 1787, in a stuffy hall in Philadelphia, fifty-five men wrote, argued, discussed, and compiled the Constitution of the United States of America. On September 17th, 1787, thirty-nine delegates signed the document. One of these signers was Charleston’s own Charles Pinckney, one of the founding fathers. But why does a document from over two-hundred years ago matter to us today? It’s more important than knowing the answer to a Jeopardy question.

The Constitution defines the powers of each branch of the federal government – executive, judicial, and legislative. By designing a system of checks and balances for each, the founding fathers established a balance of power between the government and its citizens. By learning about the Constitution, Americans can know the laws that keep their personal freedoms in place.


So how can you learn about what’s in the Constitution? Mr. Jim Retz, a Berkeley County Library Board Member, donated several copies of the board game “The Constitution Quest” to the library system. This game is designed for teens and adults – perfect for preparing for the questions to that history test or simply learning for the sake of learning! You can stop by any Berkeley County Library System branch on Saturday, Sept. 16th, to try your hand at the trivia. These games may be available to check out and take home to play with friends and family, be sure to ask your library branch if their game is set up to “checkout.”

While you’re there, browse the stacks for resources for all ages about the founding of our country. If you’re on the go or can’t make into a branch, check out our great e-resources! Wherever you are, your library is available to help you make the most of Constitution Day 2017.