Storyboard America Will Host Workshops at 3rd Annual TLC

Join us at the 3rd Annual TLC for Storyboard workshops! Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, you have a story. Storyboard workshops take the scary out of writing. We offer pathways and creative tools to help you get to your own memories, to still points in your life that help you share yourself with others. It all begins with a single moment….. Read More

About Storyboard America (source:

Storyboard grew out of Susan Kammeraad-Campbell’s conviction that humans are hard-wired for story, that our need for story is as compelling as our need for food and companionship. What began as a project of her publishing company Joggling Board Press has developed into a library-based initiative that is currently being tested and piloted in South Carolina and Ohio. The vision is to create Storyboard communities across the country. Says Kammeraad-Campbell, “Our stories help us make sense of our world — they tell us who we are and who we can be.”

Storyboard is still in the pilot stage, and we invite you to get involved on the ground floor. Ultimately this space will evolve into a highly interactive community of story writers and readers, lovers of words who will not only be able to submit their stories, but will be able to interact, comment, and work with others to transform their stories into work to be shared in published anthologies and on public radio.

Storyboard. It’s not a widget. It’s a movement. It’s a way to help people think more deeply about themselves, about their own stories. Writing about defining moments of our lives is different than experiencing them, different than talking about them. Writing opens the door to contemplation. And contemplation is a path to shape perspective, to find meaning, to gain understanding, and to build more united communities.