M.O.R.E. Brings Creativity to Special Stops During Summer

In an effort to reach more communities than traditional stops every other week, the mobile library staff built in free time to visit special stops this summer. Stops included day care centers, summer camps, and community centers. During these special stops, the mobile library staff would bring a program or activity to engage the participants.

The Mobile Outreach Supervisor, Elizabeth, explains, “We visited some Summer Feeding locations, where volunteers gave up their time to watch children for multiple hours and provide them with a meal. These volunteers were so grateful for us coming and spending some time with the kids and giving them something to do. They enjoyed using our Chromebooks and Launchpads (learning tablets) and building crafts for them to take home at the end of the day. Whether it’s helping a little one put together a birdhouse, or giving a teen our WiFi password so they can use their devices, we’re building relationships with our community and that’s part of what M.O.R.E. is all about.”

To learn more about M.O.R.E. and their schedule, click here.