Berkeley County Library System Launches New Young Learner’s Toolbox Program

Berkeley County, SC – The Berkeley County Library System is pleased to introduce its newest resource, The Young Learner’s Toolbox. With aid from the South Carolina State Library, this new program will provide resources and encourage out-of-school learning for families and young children ages 3-8 who face learning, language, or communication barriers.

After receiving a Large Competitive Grant from the South Carolina State Library, the Berkeley County Library System brings the Young Learner’s Toolbox (YLT) program to the Moncks Corner Library. This new iStock_000071177681_Largeresource will offer assistance to families and children with learning, language, or communication barriers through a series of lectures for parents and care givers, a new Learning Lab at the Moncks Corner Library, and learning tools and kits available to check out for at-home learning.

Assisting young children with Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Dyslexia, and children who speak English as Second Language is a tremendous need in the Berkeley County area. The YLT will provide a higher understanding of the resources available within the community and will encourage families and children with learning or communication barriers to engage in play and learning opportunities in a fun environment without the structure of a classroom or at home without the constraint of limited financial resources.

A section of the Moncks Corner Library has been transformed into a new Learning Lab for the YLT program featuring multi-sensory toys, learning kits, and technology encouraging children to learn while they play. The YLT program will provide guided play sessions in the Learning Lab on a reoccurring basis to engage children and families to socialize and begin building a support group. Library staff members will provide a hands-on tour of the Lab giving parents and professionals an opportunity to “try-before-you-buy” and to discover new resources to help children with certain learning barriers. Private guided play sessions may also be reserved online at the library’s website.

The Learning Lab will also feature a resource center for families to learn more about resources and services for children both locally and nationally including online training, service professionals, and purchasing guides.

The YLT will feature a lecture series for parents and care givers, which will kick off this April in honor of Autism Awareness Month with speakers from local organizations, Berkeley County First Steps and BabyNet, who offer resources and services to families and children with special needs.

For more information about the Berkeley County Library System’s Young Learner’s Toolbox, call the Moncks Corner Library at 843.719.4223 or visit