This is an open call to all writers of ghostly tales. We at Joggling Board Press are involved in an intriguing matter involving a man of unknown origin who is searching for clues to his identity. He calls himself Inkabod. He sought us out because, as he put it, we are a “South Carolina publishing house of fine writing.” It is his belief – and now ours as well – that he will find clues to his own identity by reading others’ stories of paranormal activity observed or invented. Geography is the key. The stories all must take place in South Carolina. Only the finest will be considered for inclusion in this collection of fictional tales (fall 2016 release).

Submissions for “Inkabod: And the Perplexing Pursuits of the Paranormal” open Oct. 31 and close Feb. 14, 2016. The submission portal can be found at

·         3,000 words or fewer
·         Never published
·         Must take place in So. Carolina
·         No graphic horror or explicit sex
·         Must engage all the senses – seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, hearing