Lowcountry History at Your Library

Dr. Nic Butler, Ph.D. (photo from charlestontimemachine.org)

Written by Catherine Turner, Marketing Intern

Charleston is a city of a thousand stories. Knowing where to start learning its history can be a daunting prospect. Thankfully, the Daniel Island Library has a solution. Dr. Nic Butler, Ph.D., will present his lecture “Ten Things Everyone Should Know about Lowcountry History” at the library on Oct 5th at 1 pm. After this listening to this lecture, keeping up with the tour guides won’t be so hard.

Butler is the archivist and historian for the Charleston County Library System (CCPL). He is an author, a frequent lecturer, and the radio show host of the “Charleston Time Machine.” Before he worked for CCPL, he attended the University of South Carolina and completed a PH.D. in musicology at Indiana University. He went on to become an archivist of the South Carolina Historical Society, an adjunct faculty member for College of Charleston, and a historical consultant for the City of Charleston.

When asked why he developed an interest in history, Butler explained. “I became a historian sort of accidentally. I used to be a musician and became fascinated with how music, instruments, and musical tastes evolved over the centuries. That interest led me down a path of studying the role of music in society, especially in early South Carolina, and that work led me to a fascination with early South Carolina in general. A good historian is a good storyteller,” he said, “and the Lowcountry has an endless supply of interesting stories that need to be told.”

CharlestonTimeMachine.org describes Butler as an “interdisciplinary historian with an infectious enthusiasm for Charleston’s colorful past.” Come join the community on the Daniel Island Library to learn more about the historical city.