The world at your fingertips!

The world at your fingertips!

MiFi30 Guidelines

Customers must read and sign an agreement before they check out the MiFi30 kit. They must also participate in some one-on-one training so that they know how to use the MiFi and Chromebook. Instructions are included in the kit. The library will also host monthly workshops for additional technical training. Click here to see schedule and register.

MiFi30 kits are available at all BCLS locations including the bookmobile.  Customers can place a hold on the MiFi30 kit and it will be sent to the library they designate for pickup.

30 Day checkout, Ages 18+, No Renewals

Kit Includes:

Chromebook (+ charger), JetPack (+ charger), Mouse, User Guide, & Case


Overdue: $2.00 per day, $10.00 maximum Lost Chromebook: $300.00 Miscellaneous Lost Fees: MiFi Unit (JetPack): $50.00, Mouse: $20.00, Case: $50.00, Cables: $25.00 (each) Lost Kit (7+ days overdue): $420.00 Verizon Wireless JetPack


Jetpacks can be used for multiple devices, and should only be used domestically (within the United States). Network connection strength depends on user’s location. JetPacks can charge through an outlet or through the Chromebook. The battery can last up to 20 hours, depending on the type of use.

Samsung Chromebook 2:

Ending your session, closing the device, or turning off the Chromebook removes any data, saved pages, passwords, and changes to settings. If you do not have a Google account, you may use a flashdrive to store and share files. Not all sites will be Chrome compatible. The Chromebook will go into sleep mode after 120 minutes. The average battery life is 8 hours, depending on the type of use.

Other Information:

MiFi30 kits MUST be returned to the front desk — Do not return kits to bookdrops!

If the kit is overdue, the Jetpack will not work at all, and the Chromebook will only have access to a specific library webpage for five-minute intervals. If you require further assistance, please contact your local Berkeley County Library here.

Daniel Island: 843-471-2952 Goose Creek: 843-572-1376 Hanahan: 843-553-0047 Moncks Corner: 843-719-4223 Sangaree: 843-695-1208 St. Stephen: 843-567-4862 M.O.R.E. Bookmobile: 843-719-4247

MiFi30 FAQ’s

What do I need to check out a MiFi30 kit?

You need to be 18 or older and have a valid Berkeley County Library card in good standing (no fines over $10.00).

During the checkout process you will need to sign a form acknowledging you have received a brief orientation and are aware of the fines/fees.

How long is the checkout period?

The checkout time is 30 days.

Can I renew the MiFi30 kit?

No; once you have returned the kit, however, you may then put your name on the waiting list for the next available kit.

What is included in the kit?

  • Samsung Chromebook II (with charger)
  • Verizon Wireless JetPack (with charger)
  • Mouse
  • Case
  • User Guide

When is my MiFi30 kit due?

You can check your due date online in our catalog, from our mobile app (Book Myne), or you can call the library branch from which you checked the unit out. If you are checking online in our catalog, the Copy # corresponds to your kit # and will tell you when it is due.

For example:

MiFi30 kit #7 is due:

7 MiFi30 Due: 9/30/2015

Are the overdue fines the same as the other materials from the library?

No; the fines for this kit are $2.00 per day late, with a $10.00 maximum.

How much does it cost to replace the kit?

The lost fee for the entire kit is $420.00

Individual items are priced as follows (for loss/damage):

  • Chromebook: $300.00
  • MiFi Unit (JetPack): $50.00
  • Case: $50.00
  • Mouse: $20.00
  • Chargers: $25.00 (each)

What happens to the equipment if I don’t return the kit on time?

After the 30 day checkout, both devices will be disabled.

The MiFi Unit will no longer connect to a network.

The Chromebook will open to only a specific library web page for 5 minute intervals before shutting down.

Can I return the kit to one of the indoor or outdoor bookdrops?

No; all MiFi30 kits MUST be returned in-person to a staff member.

How do I find out the network name and password?

Your MiFi JetPack will have a primary menu option labeled “Wi-Fi Name/Password.” Simply select this option to view the network name and password.

How many devices can I connect to the MiFi network?

The JetPack can connect up to 15 devices to one network.

Please keep in mind that network strength depends on how many devices are being used, types of data, and your location in Verizon’s network coverage.

Can I save files/webpages to the Chromebook?

No; all information, changes, files, etc. are wiped at the end of each session. Closing the device, turning it off, or logging out will end the session.

If you need to save anything, you may create/use a free Google account, or simply save to a USB Flash Drive.

Will I have access to programs like Microsoft Office?

No, but you will be able to access and edit certain files using Google Drive programs, such as Docs and Sheets.

Can I print from the Chromebook?

Printing with Chromebooks is only available using something called Google Cloud Print. You must have a Google Account and a compatible printer.

If you are not comfortable with or able to use Google Cloud Print, you can save your work and use the printing services at your local BCLS location.

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