On Tuesday, April 18th, around 40 people met at the Cross Community Center to discuss the start of the next Berkeley Career Express Program.

Community Meetings

Community conversations have been the spark for new programs such as the Berkeley Career Express (BCE). This past Tuesday 40 residents met at the Cross Community Center. Speakers at the meeting included Council Caldwell Pinckney and Elaine Morgan from the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce who shared their excitement to start the next round of the BCE and the success the program had in the Town of St. Stephen. Dr. Lillie Caldwell from Berkeley County Adult Education Center provided a survey to attendees requesting their feedback on what days and times would work best for the BCE in Cross. She emphasized the importance of developing a program that would best fit the needs of those attending.

Mr. Ed Vice from the Berkeley County Sherrif’s office spoke about his expungement team and how to seek assistance with getting a minor infraction that may be preventing an individual from obtaining employment expunged from a record. Representatives from the South Carolina Department of Social Service (DSS) informed the community attendees about their SNAP2WORK program and scholarship programs for the Career Pathways training.

 The Berkeley United Way Prosperity Center spoke about their mission, “… a world where youth succeed in school and the workplace,  people become self-sufficient, and we all lead healthy lifestyles.”  They also described some of the resources they offer to become financially stable such as free tax preparation, credit counseling, and foreclosure prevention services and various education opportunities such as Work Keys certifications. SC Works representatives spoke about the number of available jobs in the Tri-County area and gave examples of several open positions close to the Cross Community and upcoming job fairs.
This is one of many Community Conversations meetings organized by the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce to education and inform community leaders of available resources to them and their residents.
About Berkeley Career Express

The Berkeley Career Express offers digital literacy workshops, career ready classes, ACT soft skills courses, and adult basic education/general education development (GED) classes in various Berkeley County Communities, bringing workforce preparation and career pathways directly to students.

Unemployed or underemployed residents of the St. Stephen, Pineville, Cross, Alvin or Long Ridge communities dedicated to pursuing further education and career training are invited to attend.

The training period is for eight weeks, 20-25 adults in each community will participate in free classes and workshops designed to help them prepare for the workforce or pursue further educational opportunities. Attendees with a library card in good standing will be able to check out a mobile internet kit during their 8-week enrollment to study at home.

Students completing the 40 hours of course work can earn a Work Keys certificate, basic computer literacy, and/or educational functional level gain certificates (based on the post-test of adult basic education). Each training session requires three hours of participation.

For additional information on the training programs, contact Dr. Lillie Caldwell at 843-899-8703.

This program is a collaboration project with Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, Berkeley County Library System and Berkeley County School District Center for Adult Education and is funded by a grant from SC Google.