Berkeley Career Express Launch

Berkeley Career Express Program Kicks Off With a Bang!

The Berkeley Career Express program launched in its first community, The Town of St. Stephen, on Jan. 9th with over 50 people interested in participating in this continuing education program! In brief conversations with attendees, several were interested in getting qualified for current job openings in the area while some were wanting to get their GED or improve their WorkKeys scores. Some attendees had a certificate or degree but needed their record expunged.

Channel 2 broke the story the morning following the launch praising the program for helping rural residents to find jobs. Read more….

Later that night, Channel 2 ran a follow-up story on Berkeley Career Express and discussed a new task force that was developed to help expunge records for residents seeking employment. The officer and attorney mentioned in the segment were part of the community discussions that initiated Berkeley Career Express.

It is not sure if the task force was also an outcome of these community discussions or not, but it is exciting to see the community rallying together to get people jobs! BCLS is excited to contribute to such a wonderful program and wishes it much success. Even if 1 person out of 100 gets a job or a raise from completing Berkeley Career Express, we have won!

**BCE is a program assisting unemployed or underemployed residents of the St. Stephen, Cross, Alvin, or Long Ridge communities who are dedicated to pursuing further education and career training. As part of the program, participants with a BCLS library card in good standing will be able to check out a mobile internet kit to use at home and in the community classrooms during their 8-week enrollment.  

See the website for full details